about us:

minds meet the eye

"glimpse  (glimps)

n., v.

      glimpsed, glimps°ing. n.

1. a very brief passing look sight, or view.

2. a momentary or slight appearance.

3. a vague idea; inkling.

4. Archaic. a glimmer of light


The idea was born back in 2014 as a photographic project based on collected thoughts of a free surfer.

Just as a photograph comes to life in the darkroom and defines itself black on white, Glimpse Of An Eye has evolved and transformed into a brand influenced by the sub-culture.


We base our philosophy on introspection: the observation of the facts of consciousness, carried out by the subject through the autonomous recording of his own experiences.

We do it through the act of taking a photo, an inner gaze that lasts like the moment of a click.

Just a glimpse

Risorsa 1@144x
Risorsa 1@144x